Four 重新开始 Formatting Mistakes to Avoid

Four 重新开始 Formatting Mistakes to Avoid

就业市场竞争激烈, and if you are serious about landing a new opportunity, 你不能犯任何错误. You probably have invested hours tweaking your resume to make it perfect. After all, the best candidates understand that you have to tailor your resume for each position. So, if you want to beat the ATS and get your resume on the hiring manager’s desk, here are four simple resume formatting mistakes to avoid.

Putting your contact details in the header of a document

One of the biggest resume formatting mistakes you can make is not displaying your contact details correctly. Many job seekers make the fatal error of putting their name and contact details in the document’s header. When you put anything in the header of a Word document, it grays out the text and makes it difficult to read. Also, when viewing the resume as an attachment preview in Outlook, the header gets cut off. So, if you are putting your contact information in the header, it is not readily visible for hiring managers. 你的名字, 电话号码, and email must be prevalent 正确的 off the bat if you want to stand a chance in this market.


Another resume formatting mistake that is too common is messy formatting. Complicated formatting can be anything from inconsistent uses of fonts and sizes, 文字的颜色, and even utilizing different types of bullet points. 虽然不是惊天动地的, these mistakes can draw unnecessary attention away from all of your skill sets and 成就.

When you are formatting your resume, it’s best to keep it simple. Use legible fonts, black text, and basic bullet points. Additionally, don’t try to incorporate tables or other weird formatting because an 应用追踪系统(ATS) 可能无法处理. ATS scans your resume to identify certain skill sets, 成就, and keywords hiring managers look for in a candidates’ resume. However, complicated formatting can be challenging for these systems to process. 如果ATS看不到你的简历, it’s almost a guarantee it won’t end up in the hiring manager’s hands.


There are thousands of different resume templates available to download for free. Some of them are excellent foundations for a great resume. Others may look visually appealing but are ATS最大的噩梦. For example, you can open up a new Word document and quickly browse dozens of free resume templates. Some of them look visually appealing with placeholders 为你r headshot, 技能图表, 和其他创意设计. However, these designs are too challenging for an ATS to process.

You can be the most qualified candidate with a show-stopping resume, 但如果ATS无法分析, 它将, 不幸的是, 得到过滤掉. Even if these templates look fantastic and you think they will help you stand out, you have to keep an ATS in mind at all times. 不要成为其中的一员 75%的简历 是人类读不懂的.


One of the simplest 简历错误 you must avoid is submitting the document in an unopenable file type. As a staffing firm, we see this every single day. A candidate submits a resume as an unknown file type or even as an image file. Not only are some of these file types challenging to open, they sometimes alter the formatting and clarity of resumes. The best thing you can do is submit your resume as a PDF. PDFs are a universal file type that almost everyone can easily open, regardless of any computer. +, they make it more challenging for someone to accidentally change them and are less likely to carry a virus. You are welcome to make your resume on the program of your choosing, but save it as a PDF to ensure the hiring manager can open it.


These are four resume formatting mistakes you can easily avoid to improve your chances of making it to the next level of the hiring process. 如果你想寻求更多建议, we have dozens of free resume resources 为你! Take a look at some of these best practices and take your job search to the next level.